Basic difference between new pan card application and  pan card correction application is the prescribed form. New application is filed in Form 49A / 49AA whereas there separate un-numbered form for Pan Card Correction . All the procedure / information for correction application is almost same. There are following differences in both types of application :-

1. New pan card application is submitted in Form No. 49A / 49AA whereas PAN Card Correction application form is without any number.

2. New pan card application  form 49A is of two pages  whereas Correction application form is of one page.

3. A.O. Code (Assessing Officer Code) should be filled in New pan card application   whereas PAN Number is to be filled in Correction application form.

If any one wants to apply for PAN Card correction in  pan card online through a cheapest private company, he / she may apply through of Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. or  directly through websites of NSDL or UTI. Before applying for new / fresh pan card, applicant should have valid ID proof for (1) Personal ID (2) Address Proof and (3) Proof Of Date Birth. These three Id proofs may be fulfilled by single ID proof (Like Driving License) or by more than one Proofs. Following two things should be kept in mind :-

1. Existing Pancard, it self is not  the valid ID proof for purpose of correction pancard.

2. In any condition, Initials in the first and last name will not be allowed even if initial was allowed in existing pancard.

3. Correction should be fully supported and matched with new ID proofs.

To check the list of valid ID proof, applicant may visit . In absence of all the three valid ID proofs, no application should be made online or even offline, otherwise application shall be rejected.  In case of online application also, applicant has to send / submit full or part of hard copy of application duly signed at 3 places and pasted with 2 colored photos along with photocopies of  ID proofs for 3 purposes to the service providers including NSDL or UTI. If you are applying online through and/or , please read FAQ before applying and only after reading the FAQ,  you may click here under to apply for new / fresh pan card.

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6 thoughts on “PAN CARD CORRECTION

  1. md haidar

    hamare pan card me naam haidar hai
    hamare voter id me mo haidar hair bank
    me accept nahi Marta hair
    bank bolts hai Jo id me mo haidar hair
    wahi lagega please help me
    pan office me bhi gya lekin mana kar diya

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Haider,

      Mo or MD initials are not akllowed on pancard. You can use Aadhaar card as ID proof for correction in Pancard or Padcard may be used for correction in Aadhaar

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