NRI Cheaper PAN Application – Suggestion

NRI Cheaper PAN Application – Suggestion

An NRI (Non-resident Indian) can also hold Indian Pan Card. The NRI has the privileges to apply for pan card either with Indian Address or with address of any other country of which he is having ID Proofs. NRI has the option to choose option of  NRI Cheaper PAN Application.

Thus, an NRI can apply pancard simply as an Indian applicant by using his local /Indian address. In such circumstances, pan card will be delivered at Indian Address only.

Rates for pancard to be delivered in India and abroad are far different. For example, and are charging Rs. 1,500/- if pancard is to be delivered abroad whereas charges are only Rs. 190/- if pan card is to be delivered in India. This rate difference is mainly due to difference in Postal Cost.

And therefore, NRI (Non-resident Indian) with active Indian address should apply as an Indian Applicant only. If any non-indian foreigner employed in India, applies for PAN Card, he will have to apply only in Form 49AA.

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